Womens Handcrafted Silversmith Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Bracelet


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Womens Handcrafted Silversmith Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Bracelet designed by Tamara. We are loving making pendant style bracelets. These are high impact pieces with set stones and fabricated Sterling Silver backs. The set stone is a gorgeous Turquoise with an amazing matrix ( which is nothing more than the black lines that occur naturally within Turquoise). The four side strands are a Sleeping Beauty Turquoise found within Arizona. Sleeping Beauty has that rare color and very little if any matrix. It is highly sought after but sadly, the mine is closed now and what is on the market is all you will see until they decide to reopen the mine, if ever. In the meantime, enjoy this piece and a bit of Arizona!

Measures 6 3/4″

Craftsmanship is always guaranteed, so shop with confidence. We use the highest quality stringing wire, crimps and wire guards for many years of enjoyment. We love and enjoy using Sterling Silver as our main metal of choice. However, we have also added solid Copper to our arsenal. We will always use these two types of metal unless otherwise described. Our chainmaille designs are made from hand cut sterling silver/solid copper jump rings. All of our pieces are designed and created in our home studio in Cave Creek, AZ USA. Thank you for supporting our handmade Artisan jewelry. Wear your pieces in good health and Enjoy!

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